Dr. Mohammed Rizkallah

Dr. Mohammed Rizkallah has over a decade of experience in education, serving recently as a postgraduate instructor in the American University in Cairo’s Professional Educators Diploma. He has developed, taught, and trained instructors of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) track in that program. Dr. Rizkallah has also worked as the Project Director of the Bachelor’s in Business Administration in the Arabic language at University of the People.

Mr. Omar Ahermouch

Mr. Omar Ahermouch has over 25 years’ experience in school and higher education, emphasizing language education, English, translation, and academic skills. Most recently at Zayed University, Mr. Ahermouch taught various courses to support students as they develop their academic skills.

Dr. Mustafa Toprak

Dr. Mustafa Toprak has 20 years’ experience in education as a faculty member, researcher, and teacher. As the chair of the Department of Educational Leadership, he oversees the development of a new suite of programs to prepare and upskill educational leaders.

Dr. Ahmet Simsar

Dr. Ahmet Simsar has over 14 years’ experience in education. In the early years of his career, Dr. Simsar worked as Pre-K teacher, Director of a Kindergarten school, Department Chair in Early Childhood Education studies, and taught and advised undergraduate and graduate classes in the USA and Turkey.

Dr. Maram Alaqra

Dr. Maram Alaqra has over 17 years’ experience in education, working across higher education and K-12 settings. Dr. Alaqra has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Texas A&M University, which included over eight years of research experience on STEM education.

Dr. Fatima Bailey

Dr. Fatima Bailey has over 25 years’ experience in education. In the early years of her career, Dr. Bailey worked in Pre-K-12 education as a director, school principal, vice principal and teacher in the UAE and US. She has led planning, development, and implementation of hybrid educational activities across multiple institutions. She was instrumental in achieving CAEP accreditation for Zayed University, and in exceeding accreditation KPIs. Dr. Bailey also serves as a mentor in the Ta’Alouf Program for Career Based Teacher Development at the Al Jalila Foundation.