Dr. Heba Nuseibah

Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education

  • PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, University of South Florida, 2017
  • MBA, Business Administration, Al Quds University, 2008
  • BSc, Computer Science, Al Quds University, 2004

Dr. Heba Nuseibeh (publication name: Dr. Heba AbuZayyad-Nuseibeh) has over 15 years’ experience in education, encompassing both distance learning and face-to-face instruction. She has worked across higher education and K-12 settings.

Dr. Nuseibeh has taught graduate courses at Penn State University and the Arab American University of Palestine, and undergraduate courses at Al-Quds University. In her early career, Dr. Nuseibeh was a technology teacher in Palestine, having also collaborated with New Mexico State University on a coding education program for secondary students. She also taught in the Model School Network project funded by USAID, enhancing educators’ tech skills. During her PhD studies, Dr. Nuseibeh helped faculty in converting their courses to online. Her research has focused on faculty perspectives during the shift from face-to-face to online instruction. She adapted courses into online formats, using platforms like Blackboard and Canvas, integrating instructional tech and multimedia.

Dr. Nuseibeh has been an active speaker at conferences and international universities. Research interests include: distance learning, instructional technology, global cultural aspects in education, language acquisition, and classroom pedagogy.

Recent Publications

    • AbuZayyad-Nuseibeh, H., Samoudi, S. (2023). The Role of Multimedia in Teaching and Enhancing The Learning Motivation for 6th Grade Students in English. International Journal of Humanities and International Research, 5(2).


    • Mustafa, E., AbuZayyad-Nuseibeh, H. (2022). The Extent of Employing Instructional Technology in Jerusalem’s Government Schools, and Ways to Activate Them from the Teachers Perspective. Rimak International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 4(6).


    • Awaida, N., AbuZayyad-Nuseibeh, H., Al-Faifi, M. (2022). Understanding Cultural Differences & Their Pedagogical Implications in Higher Education. International Journal of Humanities and International Research, 4(4).

Dr. Heba Nuseibah

Assistant Professor