Dr. Heba Nuseibah


Dr. Heba has more than 15 years of teaching experience in both distance learning and face-to-face. She is an Assistant Professor in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education program at the Sharjah Education Academy. Face-to-face methods, in higher education and K-12 settings. She taught graduate courses at Penn State University – USA, and at the Arab American University of Palestine where she also serves on students dissertations committees.

In her early career life, Dr. Nuseibah’s was a Technology school teacher in Palestine and a member at the school development team for the Math, English and Science curriculum.  She also established a collaboration initiative for grades 9,10, and 11 with teachers and students from New Mexico state in the United States to learn programing coding remotely.  

Furthermore, she was an instructor for the Model School Network project funded by USAID that helped in preparing teachers to use Technology and enhance their computer and technical skills.  

Dr. Heba taught at the IT & Business departments at Al Quds University and then moved to the United States to earn her Ph.D. degree from the University of South Florida. Her dissertation was about Faculty Perceptions Towards the Transitioning Process from Face-to-Face to Online Instruction, where she focused on the distance learning experience of the faculty.

During her doctorate studies she cooperated with the Adult Education faculty and the Engineering faculty to convert their F2F courses to online versions by designing, developing and implementing these courses using Blackboard and Canvas.  And by using appropriate instructional technologies and various multimedia applications to fit the conversion process.

Dr. Nuseibah presented at numerous international conferences and was a guest speaker at different international universities as well.


  • PH.D., Curriculum and Instructions, University of South Florida
  • Graduate certification, e-Learning & Instructional Technology, University of South Florida
  • Graduate certification, Meta Evaluation, University of South Florida
  • MBA in Business Administration, Al Quds University
  • B.Sc in Computer Science, Al Quds University

Research interests

Heba is tremendously dedicated to the field of education and educational technology, she is passionate about integrating technology into education. Her current research agenda focuses  on distance education, higher and K-12 education, classroom pedagogy, instructional technology, and global cultural aspects. 

Dr. Heba Nuseibah

Assistant Professor