Tuition and Fees

The Board of Trustees annually sets the Tuition Fees for the ensuing year.  Tuition of students is determined based on the program and number of credit hours registered by the end of the Add and Drop period of a given semester/term, inclusive of the credit hours of audited courses. Student tuition and additional fees are given in the tables below.

ProgramCost per Credit HourTotal Cost
Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)AED 1,000AED 24,000
Fees (in AED)
Application FeeOnceAED 100
Program Deposit (upon admission)OnceAED 600*
Technology FeePer SemesterNo Charge
Late Payment (if tuition and fees are not settled by the payment date)Per OccurrenceAED 250**
Declined Check or Credit Card (per transaction for deferred payments – if credit card is declined upon charging)Per Transaction

AED 250**

Graduation Fee (excludes cap and gown costs)Once

AED 350

Degree Certificate (extra)Per Certificate

AED 150

Official Transcript (extra)Per Transcript

AED 30

To Whom it May concern Letter/Certificate (fee applies post-graduation only)Per Letter

AED 20

*Deposit amount will be applied toward the total cost of tuition

** 5% VAT charge applies

NOTE: The maximum annual tuition increase may be up to 1% per fiscal year as set by the SEA Board of Trustees.

For information on the deferment of tuition and fees to a payment plan, please see the Payment Plan section below.

Late Fees or Declined Transactions

All students must adhere to academy deadlines, rules and regulations. Late fees, with 5% VAT if applicable, may apply for late payments or declined transactions.

Payment Methods

Tuition and fees are due in full at or before the time of the start of the program.  Currently, SEA accepts the methods of payment listed below.

      • Debit/Credit Card
      • Bank Transfer

Payment Plan

Tuition and fees are due in full at or before the time of the start of the program. Students do have the option to request for a payment plan option where payment for fees shall be completed on a monthly basis.  Approval for payment plans must be made in writing (student signature required) and prior to the start of classes.

Failure to make payments on time or declined transaction will result in a penalty fee as stated in the tuition and fees table.

Enrolment/Withdrawal and Financial Requirements

In the event that a student does not withdraw/defer from a course or program by the posted deadline at the start of each semester or instruction period the student will be responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees.  Additionally, a student will be automatically considered as re-enrolled for the next term (continued enrollment) unless they formally complete necessary processes per the academy policies and procedures for withdrawal. 

In the event a student wishes to withdraw from the institution or defer admission to the next term without being financially liable, the student has to complete withdrawal/deferral process no later than the “Add/Drop deadline” (last day of the first week of classes for the current term). 

In the event the student withdraws/defers after the “Add/Drop deadline” no refund of the tuition fees will be administered.  In the case of extreme circumstances special requests for refunds after the stated deadline must be submitted in writing with justification and supporting materials for consideration to be reviewed Tuition Refund Appeals group. 

The Academy may offer, in any given year, scholarships or financial aid to students applying for admission based on academic merit, the academy’s goal of a diverse student body, or other considerations. Such scholarships will be credited against the fees payable by a student on a pro rata basis each term. An annual scholarship may not be taken in its entirety in a single term.

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