Dr. Fatima Bailey

Dr. Fatima Bailey has over 25 years’ experience in education. In the early years of her career, Dr. Bailey worked in Pre-K-12 education as a director, school principal, vice principal and teacher in the UAE and US. She has led planning, development, and implementation of hybrid educational activities across multiple institutions. She was instrumental in achieving CAEP accreditation for Zayed University, and in exceeding accreditation KPIs. Dr. Bailey also serves as a mentor in the Ta’Alouf Program for Career Based Teacher Development at the Al Jalila Foundation.

Dr. Estelle Tarry

Dr. Estelle Tarry has over 30 years’ experience in education. She began her career as a primary school teacher in the UK, progressing to Head of an infant school at a British international school in Sri Lanka, Head of a British international school in Thailand, and Head of an international school in the Netherlands. For the past 15 years, Dr. Tarry has been a university lecturer (Fellowship of Higher Education) in the UK, teaching and leading undergraduate and master’s programmes in education, and supervising PhD students.