Sharjah Education Academy

Academic Calendar 2024/2025

Summer 2024

Mon03 Jun07 Dhu al HijjahSummer 2024 Courses begin
Sat – Tue15 – 18 Jun09 – 12 Dhu al HijjahEid Al Adha Holidays
Mon – Thu10 Jun – 8 Aug4 Dhu al Hijjah – 4 SafarSummer break*
Sun7 Jul01 Muharram 1446Islamic New Year
Thu11 Jul05 MuharramSummer 2024 Courses end

Fall 2024

Wed21 Aug17 SafarNew Student Orientation
Mon26 Aug22 Safar

Fall 2024 Courses Begin (Full Semester & Term A);

Late Registration & Add/Drop Period begins

Thu29 Aug25 SafarFall 2024 Add/Drop deadline (Full Semester & Term A)
Sun15 Sept12 Rabi ul AwalProphet Mohammed’s ﷺ Birthday
Thu17 Oct14 Rabi Al-AkharFall 2024 Courses end (Term A)
Mon21 Oct18 Rabi Al-AkharFall 2024 Courses begin (Term B)
Thu24 Oct21 Rabi Al-AkharFall 2024 Add/Drop deadline (Term B)
Sun03 Nov1 Jumada IFlag Day
Sun01 Dec29 Jumada ICommemoration Day
Mon – Tue02-03 Dec01-02 Jumada IIUAE National Day
Thu12 Dec11 Jumada IIFall 2024 Courses end (Term B)
Mon – Thu16 Dec – 02 Jan15 Jumada II – 02 RajabWinter break*
Wed01 Jan 202501 RajabNew Year

Spring 2025

AD    Hijri
Wed08 Jan08 RajabNew Student Orientation
Mon13 Jan13 RajabSpring 2025 Courses begin; Late Registration & Add/Drop Period begin
Thu16 Jan16 RajabSpring 2025 Add/Drop deadline
Sat01 Mar01 RamadanHoly Month of Ramadan begins
Mon – Thu03 – 06 Mar03-06 RamadanSpring Break*
Fri28 Mar28 RamadanHoly Month of Ramadan ends
Sat – Tue29 Mar – 01 Apr29 Ramadan – 02 ShawwalEid Al Fitr Holidays
Thu08 May10 Dhu Al-QidaSpring 2025 Courses end
Tue27 May29 Dhu Al-QidaGraduation/Commencement Ceremony

Summer 2025

Mon02 Jun06 Dhu al HijjahSummer 2025 Courses begin
Thu – Sun05 – 08 Jun09 – 12 Dhu al HijjahEid Al Adha Holidays
Mon – Thu9 Jun – 7 Aug13 Dhu al Hijjah – 13 SafarSummer break*
Thu26 Jun01 Muharram 1447Islamic New Year
Thu10 Jul15 MuharramSummer 2025 Courses end


Important Information:

    • Note 1: Islamic holidays are determined after sighting of the moon and actual dates may not coincide with the dates in this calendar.
    • Note 2: Holidays/graduation/commencement ceremony dates may be subject to change. Classes missed due to holidays will be compensated (schedule updates will be announced prior to the listed holiday).
    • Note 3: Tuition and fees are due in full at or before the time of the start of a program. Students do have the option to request a payment plan option where payment for fees shall be completed on a monthly basis. Approval for payment plans must be made in writing (student signature required) prior to class commencement.
    • Note 4: This Academic Calendar will be adhered to unless unforeseen circumstances necessitate a review or modification. Please visit the SEA website to access the latest calendar information.

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Sharjah Education Academy

Academic Calendar 2022/2023

Fall Semester 2022


29th – Fall 2022 Courses (Semester Part A) begins


1st – Fall 2022 Add/Drop deadline (last day to withdraw from the program 100% refund)


8th – Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday (no classes/offices closed)

20th – Fall 2022 Courses (Semester Part A) end

24th – Fall 2022 Courses (Semester Part B) begin


1st – Commemoration Day (no classes/offices closed)

2nd – 3rd – UAE National Day (no classes/offices closed)

15th – Fall 2022 Courses (Semester Part B) ends

20th – Commencement Ceremony (TBC)

Spring Semester 2023


1st – New Year’s Day (no classes/offices closed)

9th – Spring 2023 Courses (Semester Part A) begin

12th – Spring 2023 Add/Drop deadline (last day to withdraw from the program 100% refund)


2nd – Spring 2023 Courses (Semester Part A) end

13th – Spring 2023 Courses (Semester Part B) begin

23rd – Holy Month of Ramadan Begins

27th – 30th – Spring Break


19th – Holy Month of Ramadan ends

20th – 23th  – Eid Al Fitr Holidays


11th – Spring 2023 Courses (Semester Part B) end

22nd – Graduation Commencement Ceremony


Summer Semester 2023


12th June – 10th August – Summer Break*

27th – 30th – Eid Al Adha Holidays


19th – Islamic New Year