Dr. Maram Alaqra

Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education

  • PhD, Curriculum and Instruction (Science Education), Texas A&M University, 2023
  • MEd, Curriculum and Instruction (STEM education), Texas A&M University, 2018
  • BSc, Chemistry, University of Jordan, 2006

Dr. Maram Alaqra has over 17 years’ experience in education, working across higher education and K-12 settings. Dr. Alaqra has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at Texas A&M University, which included over eight years of research experience on STEM education. Having spoken widely on STEM education internationally and throughout the US, Dr. Alaqra has also been part of large-scale STEM education research projects funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, and Department of Education.

Dr. Alaqra’s research agenda has emphasized culturally relevant teaching and learning through designing culturally sensitive learning environments for students to improve STEM self-efficacies and interests. Research interests include: STEM education, culturally relevant instruction, STEM self-efficacy, community-based learning, and 21st Century skills.

Recent Publications

    • Alaqra, M., Yalvac, B., Johnson, M., Cevik, E., Whitfield, J., Porter, J., & Kuttolamadom, M. (2022), Students’ lived experiences with the integrated STEM activities, Proceedings of 2022 the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference and Exposition, Minneapolis, MN.
    • Crosby, G. V., Al Aqra, M. H., Rambo-Hernandez, K., Hernandez, P. R., de Miranda, M. A., & Yalvac, B. (2023, accepted).”The Development of An Instrument to Measure Engineering Faculty’s Self-Efficacy and Perceptions of Teaching Laboratory Intensive Online Courses”, Proceedings of the 2023 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference, October, 2023, College Station, TX.

Dr. Maram Alaqra

Assistant Professor