Student Services

Students Services units and programs strive to engage and support students throughout their educational experience at the Sharjah Education Academy (SEA).  SEA understands its duty of care and responsibilities towards you as a student, across a whole range of student life areas. We have developed a range of support services to provide you with assistance in areas such as study skills, academic issues, organizational issues and personal counselling, activities and engagement, and career development needs. 

The mission of Student Services is to:

    • Provide extra- and co-curricular activities and services that address the holistic development of the student;
    • Identify and respond to students’ needs with personalized student services;
    • Create and maintain a healthy and safe environment that supports and sustains recruitment, retention and student development;
    • Foster an inclusive, diverse and multicultural community where civility and respect for each individual are valued and respected; and
    • Ensure confidentiality of every student’s personal and professional information.

SEA’s Office of Student Services and Admissions strives to empower you to make better choices. SEA practices an integrative approach to engage students outside the classroom to bridge the gaps among academics, work-life balance, and engage positively with the local community.



The overarching aim of Student Services is to provide student-centered services and experiences to allow each student to develop their capacity to achieve academic overall and professional success. The following areas and programs/services help identify some of the ways Student Services are here to support YOU!

Student Engagement

It is important that students are engaged not just in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. Student Services provides an opportunity for professional growth through participation in targeted programs events across such areas as leadership and innovation.

Orientation Program – SEA recognizes the importance of providing a comprehensive orientation program for new students to support onboarding and the commencement of studies. Orientation includes virtual resources and a formalized orientation session including familiarization with key resources, program overview, health and safety, and meeting faculty, staff and leadership.

Student Council: SEA encourages responsibility and leadership skills development through a formal Student Council body that represents the students and their interests at the institution’s forums and meetings (the ‘voice of the student’) and in the institution’s governance. The Student Council shall have as its purpose to provide an organized basis for consultation between the Sharjah Education Academy’s administration and students.

Student Organizations & Events:  Students can organize clubs/organizations and activities at SEA.  Students are welcome to organize clubs and activities with approval.  Additionally, SEA will organize targeted events and activities to support the student experience and ongoing professional growth.

Student Wellbeing

Student well-being is paramount for academic and professional success. SEA students are provided with various avenues of support through programs and services including but not limited to the below:

Student Counseling: The academy acknowledges that life can be stressful and that at times issues and problems a student might encounter cannot always be easily resolved. Students are provided with alternative avenues of support including referrals to academy counselors or external qualified counselors.

Student Health Services: SEA requires all its students to have sufficient medical and health insurance coverage (self-insured) in compliance with applicable UAE laws, and prior to attending classes/activities at SEA. Health Services are available through the nearby University of Sharjah Hospital (if required) and the Academy is exploring additional health services support. For information on services contact the Office of Student Services and Admissions.

Students of Determination or Special Learning Needs: SEA is committed to providing equal opportunities for students of determination or special learning. Persons requesting special accommodations are required to discuss the requirements (with documentation) with the Director of Student Services & Admissions or the Student Success Counselor during the application and enrolment process.

For matters of a personal or confidential nature, the Director of Student Services & Admissions or the Student Success Counselor should be contacted directly.

Student Academic & Career Development

Providing career development for students and ongoing connections for SEA alumni is imperative to the success of students and for educators as a whole. SEA students and alumni are supported through a multitude of programs and activities to promote ongoing career

Academic Advising: Academic advising is an integral aspect of the academic progress and a shared responsibility between the student, faculty, and student services staff.  Team members support students during their academic journey at SEA through a personal approach.

Career Services: The office supports career development through career planning information, skills workshops, job search resources, and networking opportunities.

Alumni Services: The academy will maintain an alumni database and organize alumni engagement activities to inform current students and graduates of available services related to furthering their education and establishing contacts in the education sector.

As part of a Digital Community, a digital platform is an intentionally integrated part of the SEA virtual community offering spaces to message, engage in workshops, or other exchanges. Additionally, an interface for sharing successes and jointly finding solutions to challenges online exists specific to all courses. Both serves as a place to enhance the sense of belonging to the academy community.  Students are strongly encouraged to engage in these mediums in compliance with Academy policies and UAE law.

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