Academic Studies Preparation

SEA ASP Overview

The SEA Academic Studies Preparation (ASP) is developed to enhance candidates’ proficiency in academic and professional communication, fostering advanced writing, critical analysis, and presentation skills.

The ASP course is designed to refine candidates’ communication skills within diverse educational landscapes, emphasizing the ability to articulate complex concepts clearly and confidently. It aims to nurture critical reading and writing abilities, preparing candidates to dissect various academic texts and articulate intricate ideas and arguments with precision. Additionally, the course will enhance presentation skills, enabling candidates to effectively convey complex research and ideas in academic settings.

A significant focus will also be placed on collaborative learning and research methodologies, encouraging candidates to engage in meaningful communication, negotiation, and debate over academic tasks. Through a combination of individual and group activities, this course seeks to equip candidates with a robust set of skills essential for success in educational environments, fostering a comprehensive understanding and application of advanced communication techniques.

ASP Learning Outcomes

  1. Encourage and develop skills to communicate effectively in a variety of educational settings. 
  2. Foster and develop critical reading and writing skills so that they are able to understand different types of academic texts and communicate (writing) complex concepts, ideas and arguments.
  3. Develop and enhance skills to be effective presenters of complex ideas and research in a variety of academic contexts.
  4. Apply a variety of collaborative learning and research skills to be able to effectively communicate, negotiate and debate academic tasks.

Program Duration

The course offers 32 hours of directed learning, divided into 4 modules comprising 4 two-hour lessons each.

Participant Expectations

Participants will engage in a variety of learning activities, including analytical writing, collaborative projects, and practical exercises designed to reinforce the coursework. This involves activities such as:

      • Critical Reading and Writing Skills
        Students will write an analytical essay where they are assessed on their ability to construct coherent arguments and support them with evidence.
      • Effective Presentation Skills
        Students are evaluated on how well they organize the content, deliver the presentation, and use visual aids to enhance understanding.
      • Collaborative Learning and Research Skills
        Students will work on a group project that involves research where candidates are assessed on their teamwork, communication skills within the group, and individual research contributions to the project.
      • Communication Skills Development
        Group discussion on a given topic where candidates are evaluated on their contributions, listening skills, and ability to engage with peers effectively.


The SEA ASP course is equivalent to 2 credit hours, assessed on a pass/fail basis. A passing grade will help qualify candidates conditionally admitted for SEA postgraduate courses, although it does not carry postgraduate credit.

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