HE Dr. Muhadditha Al Hashimi
President of Sharjah Education Academy

Dr. Jeanine Romano
Executive Director

Dr. Ted Purinton
Founding Dean of Education

Dr. Hunada Kanbar
Chief Learning Officer

Ms. Khawla Alhosani
Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Tadd Kruse
Director of Student Services & Admissions

Mr. Babu Jose
Chief Technology Officer

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Our Vision

Lead, innovate and enable excellence in a diverse learning community

Our Mission

To enrich the learning community by equipping educators with life-long learning competencies through diverse and innovative professional development, academic programs, and research

Professional Development Track

This offers programmes that contribute to the development of schools as institutions, which target teachers and educational leaders as individuals.

Academic Track

This provides participants with the opportunity to obtain professional diplomas, masters and doctorates.

Research and Studies Track

This provides academic research to serve the educational field, with forward-looking research that relies on industrial intelligence and building a new education model to support decision-makers.