Dr. Lawrence Meda


Lawrence Meda is an Associate Professor and Director of Research at SEA. He has 14 years experience of working in different universities. He worked as a Chair of the Education Studies Department and Chair of the Curriculum Review Committee at Zayed University in Dubai. He has supervised Masters and Doctoral students and marked many theses as an external examiner. Dr. Meda currently has 49 publications to his name, including articles in top-tier international journals. He has helped many novice researchers by collaborating and co-publishing with them. He has experience of teachingcomfortably using contemporary teaching approaches, whether face-to-face, blended or fully online. He achieved the designation of a certified online instructor recently.


  • Ph.D in Curriculum Studies, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, 2014
  • M.Ed in Curriculum Studies, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2009
  • B.A.Ed. Africa University, Zimbabwe, 2004

Research Interests

Dr. Meda’s research is focused on Curriculum Development, Teacher Education, Inclusive Education and Educational Technology.

Recent publications:

  1. Meda, L., & Waghid, Z. (2022). Exploring special need students’ perceptions of remote learning using the multimodal model of online education. Education and Information Technologies, In Press Vol xx. Series x; Page xxxx.
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  5. Meda, L., & Mohebi, L. (2021). Prepared to teach using technology, but not prepared to teach online: A case of Early Childhood Pre-service teachers in the United Arab Emirates. Croatian Journal of Education, [In Press] Vol x. Series xx. Page xxxx. 
  6. Fatyela, V., Condy, J., Meda, L., & Phillips, H. (2021). Improving higher-order comprehension skills of Grade 3 learners in a second language at a quintile 2 school, in Cape Town, South Africa. Reading & Writing, 12(1), a312-322
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Dr. Lawrence Meda

Associate Professor