Early Childhood Education
Certification (ECEC) For Teaching/Classroom Assistants

The ECEC program provides education certification for teaching and classroom assistants at primary schools and nurseries. The program is available in both Arabic and English languages.

Program Overview

  • Duration of ECEC Teaching/Classroom Assistants’ professional certificate program: 22 weeks
  • Number of courses at ECEC Teaching/Classroom Assistants’ professional certificate program: 4 courses
  • Number of modules within the 4 courses at ECEC Teaching/Classroom Assistants’ professional certificate program: 11 modules

Courses’ Topics of the ECEC Teaching/Classroom Assistants’ professional certificate program:

    • Course I:       Assisting While Caring
    • Course II:     Childhood Safety, Education, and Society
    • Course III:    Childhood Development – Neuroscience & Language
    • Course IV:   Arabic Language and Culture Development in Early Childhood Education

Entry Requirements

To be considered for entry to the ECEC Teaching/Classroom Assistants professional certificate program, applicants must attain:

    • A high-school degree; and
    • Active position in teaching/classroom assistant position at a primary school or nursery; and
    • Proficiency in either Arabic or English language (read, written, and spoken)
    • Completed and submitted a 500-word personal statement outlining why they wish to be considered for this professional certificate program.

*Meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance of registration.

Program Fees

ECEC Teachers’ Assistant Program



Registration Application Fee

AED 100


Program Enrollment Fee

AED 5,320


Total Fee

AED 5,4200


Payment Structure

ECEC Program

For Individual Participant

Payment Date

Registration Application Fee

AED 100

Paid upon registration

Program Enrollment Fee, first 50%

AED 2,660

After accepting the application and a link is shared for completing the enrollment

Program Enrollment Fee, second 50%

AED 2,660

Two months after the program training initiation

* Sharjah educators and leaders wishing to join the Early Childhood Education Certification program will be granted a discounted rate on the overall program enrollment fees.

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