Dr. Ahmet Simsar

Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education

  • PhD, Early Childhood Education, Florida State University, 2016
  • MSE, Early Childhood Education, University of Dayton, 2013
  • BA, Early Childhood Education, Marmara University, 2009

Dr. Ahmet Simsar has over 14 years’ experience in education. In the early years of his career, Dr. Simsar worked as Pre-K teacher, Director of a Kindergarten school, Department Chair in Early Childhood Education studies, and taught and advised undergraduate and graduate classes in the USA and Turkey.

He taught several classes in online, on campus, and hybrid. He worked with UNICEF and other local municipalities for improving teachers’ understanding of inclusive education, STEM education, and children’s 21st Century skills. Dr. Simsar gave trainings to Somalian parents for understanding early childhood education in US by working with the United Way of Central Minnesota, as well as to Turkish parents by working with UNICEF and Development Foundations of Turkey for improving understanding of early childhood education in Turkey. Dr. Simsar has edited several books about STEM education in early years, science education for parents and children, and 21st Century skills for children.

Dr. Simsar currently serves as an editorial board member and reviewer in different national and international journals. Research interests include: STEM education in early years, technology education, science education in early years, inclusive education in early years, parents’ education, multicultural education, outdoor education in early years, qualitative researches, quantitative researches, and mixed method studies.

Recent Publications

    • Konca, A.S, Izci, B. & Simsar, A. (2023). Evaluating popular STEM applications for young children. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal, https://doi.org/10.1080/1350293X.2023.2221414

    • Mart, M., Simsar, A., & Uyanik, G. (2022). The playground perception of Syrian refugee children. Child Indicators Research, 15(1), 349–372.

    • Simsar, A. (2021). Young children’s ecological footprint awareness and environmental attitudes in Turkey. Child Indicators Research, 14(4), 1387–1413

Dr. Ahmet Simsar

Assistant Professor