Who Are Alumni?

Alumni (ə-ˈləm-ˌnī) is the plural form of the word alumnus and is defined (according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary) as:

a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university

SEA Alumni are those former Sharjah Education Academy students who graduated from one of our postgraduate degree programs. Our Alumni are offered a range of social and professional benefits.



The Academy offers services and programs to alumni promoting engagement, establishing contacts in the education sector, and furthering their education. Alumni are encouraged to participate in ongoing professional and career development. Support is provided through various means to stay connected with each other and the Academy.

Alumni will gain direct benefits through the following programs, services or privileges:

      • Alumni Association membership (automatic for graduates of a graduate level academic degree program)
      • Alumni email address
      • Alumni ID Card
      • Career Services support (i.e. resume building, interview skills, job postings, etc.),
      • Professional development – through Academy Professional Development programs and targeted student or alumni activities (i.e., workshops and seminars),
      • Networking and local education connections through select programs and events
      • Volunteer activities (i.e. Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, Academy Alumni-Ambassador Program, etc – see below for details)
      • SEA Academic Tutor – limited part-time opportunity to support the ongoing development and training for current Academy students (compensated role)
      • Exclusive alumni discounts (subject to applicability and availability)

Overall, the focus is on exchanging knowledge amongst members, identifying and communicating opportunities available to graduates, establishing connections to the education sector, and providing support to graduates. Alumni are encouraged to play a central role in the online digital community of SEA, including both our professional development and academic streams.


Ways Alumni can Support
the Academy and our Students

The knowledge and expertise of SEA’s alumni are tremendous assets that can benefit the Academy. The following are some areas where alumni can volunteer:
  • Recruitment: Help SEA recruit candidates by attending school visits and education exhibitions with the recruitment team and talk to prospective students from the who may be interested in earning a postgraduate degree from SEA.
  • Internship/Job Placement: Provide SEA students with an internship opportunity or assist new graduates in finding jobs at your institution.
  • Sponsorship: Help enrich the SEA experience for current students by encouraging your institution to sponsor SEA events and activities.
  • Be involved in Alumni Guest Speakers Series: Alumni who are interested in speaking, hosting or conducting a workshop should inform the Office of Student Services & Admissions.
  • Become an Academic Tutor: SEA Tutoring Services matches students who are experiencing difficulties in a course with trained student tutors for one-on-one tutoring. This service is available online and in-person (by request) to all current SEA students.
  • Participate in an Alumni Volunteer Program
    • Join the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program (ASMP): Alumni are paired with students to explore career interests and engage in mutually beneficial, professionally-oriented relationships. Similar career goals, shared interests, or common academic backgrounds provide the foundation for the mentor/mentee relationship.
    • Join the Academy Alumni-Ambassador Program (AAAP): SEA Alumni Ambassadorships are voluntary, one-year, renewable positions to Introduce, Connect, and Support SEA outreach and special student recruitment events (e.g. new student orientation, exhibitions, etc.)


We want to see you here! We offer a variety of virtual and in-person events year-round to help you network with fellow alumni, continue to learn, and share good times – wherever you are! We hope you join us at our various alumni events.

Update Your Alumni Record

An updated alumni database means the connection between SEA and the alumni is active and the power of our graduates is available to build a strong alumni community. Update your contact information to make sure you receive email notifications of events, job opportunities, graduate trainings, and news at SEA.



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