Professional Development

PD Department Overview

The PD department is committed to enhancing educational excellence by providing comprehensive professional development opportunities. Our department is dedicated to supporting teachers, leaders, and professional staff in their pursuit of continuous improvement and staying abreast of the latest educational trends and practices.

Our training covers various areas, including pedagogy, curriculum development, assessment strategies, classroom management, and technology integration. We collaborate with renowned experts in the field of education to deliver high-quality and engaging workshops, seminars, and conferences that address the evolving needs of educators.

We are proud to be recognized as a Pearson Assured training Center and licensed as an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) by the National Qualifications Centre (NQC). These accreditations affirm the academy’s commitment to providing high-quality education and training programs.

We have partnered with several well-known universities and institutions to pursue quality education, including collaborations with experts from Singapore, the University of Helsinki, the IB Organization, and the University of Cambridge. We hold the distinction of being the only Cambridge training centre in Sharjah.

Online Educational Platform

All professional development training is delivered and available over the Sharjah Educational Platform. Ceaseless learning is a life-long investment, constantly lending strength of mind and character to the learner. It’s the wing that carries us across the skies of life.

Our PD Trainers

Our trainers possess a deep understanding of the latest educational research and pedagogy, backed by extensive academic qualifications and years of practical experience. Having served as educators themselves, their firsthand experience enables them to empathize with the challenges faced by educators.  They bring real-world examples and case studies into their training sessions, making the content relatable and applicable to educators’ day-to-day work.

Our Partners

PG Diploma

Track 1
For recent graduates with a BA or MA degree who want to enroll in the education system but don’t have formal training.
Focuses on pedagogical studies that develop the participant’s modern 21st century competencies.

Track 2
For teachers who are in service but don’t have the needed professional educational qualification.
Complements the in-service teacher’s previous education to update their knowledge, skills and competencies.

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