Educational sessions – Lisan Al-Dad materials and speakers of others
The Sharjah Private Education Authority celebrates the distinguished presentations carried out by private sector teachers in the Emirate of Sharjah in the subjects of Lisan Al-Dhad (Arabic for Native Speakers, Islamic Religious Education, National Social Education, and Arabic for Speakers of Other Languages). And through these workshops, meetings and presentations, where all male and female teachers working in the private sector in the Emirate of Sharjah can benefit from these experiences through these educational sessions, which take upon themselves the slogan “integration and benefit”, so that their materials and sessions deal with the theme of this theme that serves in the service of this theme. The opposite is in a presentation of the various techniques, strategies, activities, and means of evaluation and evaluation, which achieve interaction, vitality, activity and impact, and transfer learning and teaching to levels that we do not claim to be privileged, but rather to say good at this stage, especially in the midst of all the educational challenges that Corona exposes to the field. And together we realize The extent of adaptation that the field education sector was keen on by dealing with the pattern of distance education, leading to the pattern of hybrid education in which male and female teachers provided educational skills in their specific subjects in these sessions in accordance with the required standards, and what are the experiences of the teachers in our sessions. Al-Maidan, in the private sector in the Emirate of Sharjah, with these experiences, with the hope of transferring benefit and lasting impact.

Objectives of the sessions:

  1. Celebrating the distinguished work of male and female teachers in the private sector in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  2. Sharing experiences and benefiting from what has been implemented in relation to Lisan al-Dhad materials (Arabic language for speakers, Islamic religious education, social patriotism education, Arabic language for non-native speakers).
  3. Supporting Lisan Al-Dhaad materials and work attribution according to the work standards and mechanisms adopted by the Sharjah Special Education Authority to support male and female teachers, through the expert team at the Sharjah Education Authority, where the sessions are devoted to supporting the “student integration” aspect of the examination as one of the quotas in the teaching standards tool within the work standards Classes in private sector schools in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  4. Building a culture of cooperation, where male and female teachers exchange experiences, information, knowledge and various tools that support their work in the hope of achieving excellence in education as a slogan sponsored by the Sharjah Authority for Special Education.
  5. Motivating male and female teachers; To provide the best of their experiences, by giving them the opportunity to participate.
  6. Emphasizing that language is an identity, and that fostering this language is a national duty that serves the national agenda in the United Arab Emirates.

After participating in the educational sessions for Lisan Al-Dhad Arabic materials for non-native speakers, we will be able to:

  1. Achieving knowledge of technical tools, educational methods and strategies that support the integration of students.
  2. Getting acquainted with real field experiences in the educational field.
  3. Employing a campaign of knowledge and experiences in your face-to-face, hybrid or distance school education.
  4. Activating partnership as a culture capable of supporting the educational field.
  5. Enhancing the culture of exchange, cooperation and questioning as an incubator for support, development and improvement.
  6. Celebrate the experiences of others, and motivate everyone to participate.

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