04 Oct 2023

The Sharjah Education Academy (SEA) has launched the first master’s programme in “Education in Teacher Leadership”, designed in collaboration with the University of Helsinki to complement the Postgraduate Diploma in Education, which was designed by the same university.

The degree programme concentrates on developing scientific and innovative thinking for instruction, curriculum, and school improvement. It offers its students a complete practical project, which serves as an academic thesis, over the course of one academic year. 

Her Excellency Dr. Muhadditha Yahya Al Hashimi, President of Sharjah Education Academy, said: “The term ‘leadership’ implies that teachers have the potential to improve the overall performance of a school significantly. This programme is designed by Sharjah Education Academy to empower our teachers to take charge of their teaching and classroom environment, enable them to solve problems, explore new solutions, and drive innovation to ensure the success of all students.”

“Our vision to enhance education by empowering teachers with 21st-century skills and knowledge is constantly growing with the guidance and unwavering support of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah,” she added.

Fourteen talented educators were selected to take part in the programme’s first cohort, which started in September 2023. 

“The creative writing and collaborative knowledge construction process starts from the programme’s inception by establishing a community of innovative teacher leaders. These leaders will gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes through the programme’s requirements to convert their classrooms and schools into productive learning environments,” said Dr. Jeanine Romano, the Executive Director.

“The programme’s ultimate goal is to develop skilled leaders who can positively impact their schools and the education system as a whole.” Said Dr. Ted Purinton, Founding Dean of Education at Sharjah Education Academy. “As the process unfolds, the participants progressively deepen their understanding and learn to collaborate effectively on complex and stimulating challenges that require interdisciplinary cooperation. They also acquire knowledge of established educational theory and evidence, which enables them to extend their learning beyond the Postgraduate Diploma in Education and become effective leaders capable of influencing their colleagues in their respective schools,” he added. 

The programme design and content were customized and contextualized to meet the needs of the Sharjah Education Academy and the UAE by the University of Helsinki Faculty of Educational Sciences’ top professors and scholars.