28 Aug 2023

The Sharjah Education Academy (SEA) has enrolled the educational and administrative staff of Sharjah Nurseries in the second batch of the “Early Childhood Education Certification” programme (ECEC).

This programme was launched by the Academy earlier this year, with the aim of establishing an in-depth understanding of early childhood learning methods for school leaders, teachers, and assistant teachers in the nurseries, according to the latest discoveries and research in the science of education for early childhood.

The SEA has designated three sections for 86 teachers and one section for 27 leaders from Sharjah Nurseries. Furthermore, over 160 teacher assistants are expected to enroll in three sections in January 2024.

The content of the ECEC programme has been designed by the University of Helsinki HY+ and is based on the latest discoveries and research in the science of education for early childhood in Finland. It aims to provide in-service school leaders, teachers, and classroom assistants with pedagogical studies and practical training that develop the participant’s 21st-century skills. The program learning material was customized by Sharjah Education Academy to meet the educational needs of the learning community in the UAE.

The programme aims to build a comprehensive ecosystem of leaders, teachers, and classroom assistants for early childhood education in the UAE. This involves creating collaboration between professions to foster an understanding and support of each others’ roles. As well as to develop high-quality teaching methods for teaching the Arabic language and building national identity in line with the UAE’s system of values at the early childhood stage. And lastly, to create professional learning communities among stakeholders in early childhood education.

The “Early Childhood Education Certification” programme also focuses on children’s development and learning abilities during their initial years of schooling. The programme aims to facilitate intensive development within a short period, considering the significant impact of this formative stage on a child’s future. The program also emphasizes the importance of quality care during this period, as it can have lasting effects on a child’s academic and personal life beyond secondary school.

The ECEC programme is offered in Arabic and English following a hybrid educational system, which paves the way for students to obtain certificates within six months of enrollment. The first batch of the ECEC program included 27 leaders, 82 teachers, and 60 teacher assistants.