Dr. Ibrahem Alamoush

Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education

  • PhD, Arabic Language Curricula and Teaching Methods, Yarmouk University, 2008
  • MA, Arabic Language Curricula and Teaching Methods, Yarmouk University, 2006
  • BSc, Teaching Arabic Language, Yarmouk University, 2002

Dr. Ibrahem Alamoush has over 20 years’ experience in education. Previously to SEA, Dr. Alamoush served as Educational Training Specialist in the Emirates Schools Establishment. He has also served as lecturer and adjunct faculty at various institutions in the UAE, Jordan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia: at Skyline University College Sharjah, the Queen Rania Teachers Academy, Al-Albayet University, King Saud University, among others. In his various roles, Dr. Alamoush has provided expertise on learning strategies, assessment and evaluation, and cognitive neuroscience for teachers. Research interests include: learning and teaching strategies, Arabic language education, cognitive neuroscience and its impact on reading comprehension.

Recent Publications

    • Alamoush, I. (2022). Cognitive neuroscience. GESS Dubai 2022, 15-17 November 2022.
    • Alamoush, I. (2019). The future’s teacher and learner. The Future of Education Conference and Drivers of Change, Concept Note for the Fifth International Conference of the Regional Center for Educational Planning, 45-54, (5-6 November 2019), United Arab Emirates.
    • Alamoush, I. (2019). The effect of teaching Arabic grammar using the story strategy on improving the analytical and linguistic thinking skills of the ninth-grade female students in Jordan. The Eighth International Conference on the Arabic Language. 11-13 April 2019 Dubai, 160-177.

Dr. Ibrahem Alamoush

Assistant Professor