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About Us

Welcome to Sharjah Education Academy

Sharjah Education Academy endeavours to spread a culture of continuous improvement in all educational institutions. We aim to provide a diverse range of programs to enable educational staff to receive the best professional development qualifications available, and to assist teachers with the development of relevant and effective skills in order to keep pace with an ever-evolving world. 

Academic Programs

Post Graduate Diploma For Educators

We offer globally recognized and accredited Post Graduate Diploma to educators across the world. Our programs have been uniquely crafted through an intensive research process to cater to every international curriculum, allowing them to be pursued by students of all cultures.


Sharjah Education Academy will commence its first semester in Spring 2022, offering exemplary teaching services.


We are delighted to announce that significant scholarships are available for eligible students through SPEA.


Admission for Fall 2022 is open. Fill out your application as soon as possible to apply for the upcoming semester (application deadline July 31st).

Public Services


A rich variety of professional development courses designed to suit every modern learner and educator’s needs. The Sharjah Education Academy aspires to professionally equip educators with the right tools to keep up with our rapidly changing world, completely free of charge.

Online Course for Educators

Certificate of Completion

Focus on Teaching & Learning

Our Instructors

The People Behind Our Success

Get to know our exceptionally qualified instructors who are delivering the highly effective PD courses that we offer. 


What They Say About Our Services

Learn what the community has to say about our extensive library of courses and see why they trust us to deliver on our promises.


News and Updates

Never miss out on developments at SEA and stay up to date with all the exciting new improvements and changes to look forward to in the future.

Recruitment and Selection Considerations When Employing Pre-service Teachers

At Sharjah Education Academy we want to be sure that we not only prepare the best teachers, but we prepare our pre-service teachers on how to prepare for successful employment. We asked Dr. Gregor Cameron, Director of Schools-VISS Group to share what it is they look for when it comes to hiring qualified pre-service teachers.

Are the Right People Sitting at the Table?

The UAE has designated 2023 as “the year of sustainability” (1). The country continues to take leaps and bounds, inventing and forging new pathways of sustainable practices across all sectors, including education. Towards this end, a specific type of viable leadership is required for creativity and longevity in schools.

Does learning a language affect the structure of your brain?

Have you ever wondered how we learn a language and learn how to read? And in learning language and reading skills, does the structure of your brain change? Does your brain stop growing at a certain age? These questions prompt my exploration of the impact of cognitive neuroscience on language learning.


Next time you walk into a building, take a look at the safety and accessibility features. From fire alarms, fire sprinklers, elevators, escalators, intercom systems, ramps, and automatic doors, these features are designed to make the space usable and understandable for everyone, regardless of age, size, ability, or disability.