Data Analyst


Department: Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance

Reports to: Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance

Type of Position: Full-time


Job/Position Summary


The Data Analyst develops and maintains data visualizations and reports for the institution as well as departments for accreditations, strategic plan, and other quality assurance activities. The person reports to the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance and works closely with the IT department to extract, clean, and transform data from data warehouse. 

Major Responsibilities

    • Retrieve and analyze data from data warehouse and other sources by using Structured Query Language (SQL) based query tools. 
    • Work with the IT department to manage relational databases and data warehouse to develop reports and data visualizations. 
    • Develop and implement data visualizations in form of tables, charts, dynamic graphs, and/or dashboards to meet the needs of institutional effectiveness and quality assurance. 
    • Respond to ad-hoc data requests from administrators, faculty, staff, and the public. 
    • Engage with clients to understand their data needs and develop desired reports and data visualizations. 
    • Ensure high levels of data accuracy and consistency. 
    • Maintain data security and data integrity by following established procedures for personally identifiable data in compliance to EU’s General Data Protection Law (GDPR), the UAE’s Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL), etc. 
    • Other duties as assigned in consistent with experience and expertise. 

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities 

    • Strong understanding of relational database structures, theories, principles, and practices 
    • Strong knowledge of SQL language with demonstrated skills in data retrieval and manipulation 
    • Demonstrated skills in data visualization by using Microsoft PowerBI (or Tableau) 
    • Ability to manage data and build reports in Microsoft Excel by using Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, etc. 
    • Strong attention to details and ability to debug report queries when desired outputs are not correct 
    • Working knowledge of methods and techniques used in gathering, cleaning, transforming, analyzing, and reporting data. 
    • Ability to research, learn, and apply new programming concepts/technologies at an acceptable pace 
    • Ability to meet deadlines, support multiple projects/data support requests in various stages 
    • Ability to interpret and explain technical terms and concepts to non-technical end users 
    • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with other departments and external parties. 

Required Qualifications 

    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, data analytics, business, or related fields, requiring coursework in database queries and data visualization, or equivalent education/experience. 
    • Working knowledge of SQL
    • Working knowledge of data visualization (Preferably PowerBI)
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Excel 
    • Excellent writing and communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

    • Fluent in written and spoken Arabic
    • Three years of work experience is preferred but recent graduates are also considered
    • Advanced knowledge of Excel functions
    • Basic knowledge of programming language such as R, Python, etc.