Registration Specialist


Department/Division: Student Services and Admissions

Reports to: Director of Student Services and Admissions

Type of Position: Full-time


Job/Position Summary

The Registration Specialist is an administrator at the academy responsible for managing student registration and the maintenance and integrity of student academic records and credentials, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.  The person in this role must be well organized and responsible to manage effective operations including oversight for the student information system, course scheduling, class enrollment, academic results, and disseminating records and reports.

Major Responsibilities

    • Oversees overall course enrollment management and related reporting in support of institutional mission, professional ethical standards, and best Maintain student information as confidential and secure
    • Manages day-to-day operations of the SEA student information system
    • Organize and administer student records in support of student admission and graduation
    • Ensures accuracy of data/records related to registrations, grades, scheduling, and related functions
    • Manages academic calendar planning, course scheduling, annual catalog updates, and graduation
    • Works with other SEA units to monitor annual enrollment data (retention, attrition, graduation, ) related to current operations and supporting planning through data analysis for leadership
    • Collaborates to develop the annual Quick Facts reports and ensure Responsible for the analysis and development of support materials and presentations as needed
    • Responsible for the production and issuance of official transcripts for current and alumni
    • Assist with processing of student drops, withdrawals, and similar registration processes – ensuring timely completion
    • Able to handle confidential materials and ensures that the institutions is in compliance with SPEA and other education records best practices
    • Train staff to use software related to records administration
    • Participate on committees, collaborate and consult with administrators, faculty and students and external parties as needed
    • Develop, support and implement SEA policies and procedures, and assist students in their understanding
    • Supports and attends appropriate student activities and events
    • Perform other assigned functions that contribute to student services

Competencies & Skills

    • Strong skill base managing education based student information systems
    • Established computer literacy background in student administration, competencies in utilizing education software and databases, and knowledge of MS Office
    • Have personal attributes that enable effective interpersonal relationships and to communicate with a wide range of students, faculty, staff, and administrators
    • Possess cross-cultural competency and able to work with students/colleagues from diverse backgrounds and levels of ability toward accomplishing their educational goals
    • Excellent ability to organize tasks and manage time to meet many and varied deadlines
    • Excellent communication skills (written and oral) – English and Arabic fluency
    • Excellent interpersonal skills and capacity to uphold strict confidentiality measures
    • Capable of planning, organizing, multi-tasking and working without supervision
    • Working familiarity with assessment and data management tools, especially related to auditing and reporting information
    • Broad knowledge of Academic principles
    • Ability to effectively allocate resources
    • An analytical mind with strong organizational, time management, planning and problem solving skills
    • Able to find innovative ways to resolve problems
    • Positive attitude and strong mindset to effectively handle setbacks and obstacles
    • Can identify changes in priorities and has the flexibility to shift focus when manage shifting priorities

Qualifications & Required Experience

    • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, education or related field through an accredited program – Master’s degree preferred
    • 2+ years’ experience working as a registrar or in a registration office for a similar education institution
    • Experience working with diverse populations and recognize the importance of inclusive
    • Fluency in English and Arabic – required
    • Understand and be familiar with computer applications (including but not limited to): student information systems, data reporting tools, and word processing functions
    • Acknowledge that while most of this positions time is in office during regular weekdays, that some evenings and weekend (activity and outreach) will be necessary